Studio Edwin van der Heide

Wormhole Dordrecht exists of ten different sound worlds made for the public space surrounding the CBK (Visual Arts Centre) of Dordrecht. The works are realized my means of a custom developed iPhone application in which individual sounds get assigned to GPS coordinates. Each sound has its own corresponding parameters like location, range, start, stop and loudness behavior. Sound files that overlap in space play simultaneously. The project can be seen as a digital counter project of Radioscape.

For more information in Dutch: Wormhole Dordrecht flyer

A new related project is currently under development. Besides using GPS coordinates it is using the iPhone's compass, gyro and acceleration sensors for a more immersive way to navigate the listener's surrounding space. It is using HRTF's to realize a binaural listening experience.

Wormhole premiered in at the CBK Dordrecht in 2008.

Diagrams showing the locations and ranges of the sounds for each of the ten sound worlds
concept: Edwin van der Heide
artist curation: Edwin van der Heide and Joost Rekveld
keywords: interactive soundwalk, locative audio, GPS