Studio Edwin van der Heide
Surface Waves - Surface Sounds

In the work Surface Waves – Surface Sounds the waves of the Dommel are translated into sound. At four positions in the water the waves are being sensed and control pitch changes of singing tones. Different wave patterns result in different structures and harmonies. Together the four setups form a polyphonic quartet that is being played by the waves. The work reacts both on waves that result from the wind and on waves that result from, for example, a stone that is dropped into the water.

The installation is a part of Art at the Dommel and is organized by festival Muziek op de Dommel

location: Genneperparken, Anton Coolenlaan 1, 5644 RX Eindhoven
exhibition period: May 12th 2016 till June 5th 2016
daily opening hours: 10:00 to 20:00

Surface Waves - Surface Sounds
concept: Edwin van der Heide
realization: Edwin van der Heide with Zoe Youngji Cho