Studio Edwin van der Heide
Pavilion noilivɒꟼ

Pavilion noilivɒꟼ is an artwork specifically made for the Tschumi Pavilion in Groningen, The Netherlands. The work consists of large reflecting surfaces that seamlessly follow the dimensions and architectural rhythm of the Pavilion. They are double sided mirrors that are able to rotate independently from each other. As a result the glass based pavilion seems to close and open itself and dissolves in a complex of its own reflections and its environment.

The computer controlled mirrors rotate that slow that you have to take time to perceive the transformations. The altering constellations create a continuous shift between the interior and the exterior. Bernard Tschumi's Leitmotiv 'Looking and being watched' is being extended and turned inside out with the installation Pavilion noilivɒꟼ.

plan of the mirror positions in the Tschumi Pavilion
concept: Edwin van der Heide
realisation: Edwin van der Heide with Adriaan de Man