Studio Edwin van der Heide
underwater wave field recording with acoustic wave field synthesis

Wavescape is translating the underwater space into an audible acoustic environment. Twentyfour hydrophones (underwater microphones) are placed over a horizontal line in the water. Each hydrophone is connected to its own speaker. There are twentyfour speakers on the water side. This creates a live reproduction of the underwater sound space. The result is very perceivable and almost touchable. From the water side you listen in to the underwater space. You hear an incredible depth and width. The speed of sound underwater is almost five times faster then the speed of sound through the air. This creates a possibility for interesting interferences between both of them. The installation is based on the principle of recording and reproducing wavefronts. This principle is more extensively used in a World Beyond the Loudspeaker and Impuls #6.

concept, realization: Edwin van der Heide
Wavescape was realised as part of HOMEPORT project of CELL - Initiators of Incidents- and Rotterdam Cultural Capital 2001.