Studio Edwin van der Heide
Evolving Spark Network

Evolving Spark Network uses 80 identical spark gaps distributed regularly in the form of a monumental grid above the audience. The sparks are a metaphor for the electrical impulses by which our nerves communicate information. Just as neurons form networks in our bodies, the spark bridges form an interconnected network in the exhibition space. Complexity arises through the interrelations between the individual spark bridges. The networked structure forms the starting point for an installation in which the result is more than the sum of the individual elements but could never exist without these individual elements. The result is a 'cosmos' of sparks with its own rules and behavior.

Evolving Spark Network is a multi-sensory installation. The sparks produce both sound and light. The generated patterns have distinct visual and sonic qualities. The sound of the sparks makes it possible to perceive the space as a whole. With our eyes we are always focusing on something (while not focusing on the rest) but with our ears we perceive the whole space around us.

The electric spark represents beauty, purity and simplicity. It is one of the most elementary ways of creating light, and the produced impulse results in the shortest imaginable sound. Composing with these impulses can be seen as one of the most fundamental forms of composition in time and space.

Evolving Spark Network at STRP 2011, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Evolving Spark Network, part of the opening exhibition of the NMMCA, Seoul, Korea
Evolving Spark Network, MMCA, Seoul, Korea
Evolving Spark Network, MMCA, Seoul, Korea
Evolving Spark Network at V2_ institute for the unstable media, Rotterdam, Netherlands
concept: Edwin van der Heide
realization: Evolving Spark Network has been realized in the form of a coproduction between V2_Lab and Edwin van der Heide
keywords: light art, audiovisual, visual music, generative art, new media art, sound art, installation, spatial sound, immersive environment, exhibition, gallery, museum, composition, artist, fine art, visual art