Studio Edwin van der Heide
Coils - bergkerk -

Coils - bergkerk - is a parallel sound world originally made for the Bergkerk in Deventer, The Netherlands. The work is using the principal of magnetic induction to create overlapping magnetic fields, each corresponding with its own computer generated sound source. The audience gets a custom developed receiver with a headphone to navigate through this environment.

The architectural shape of the church forms the starting point for a spatial setup with twenty-five coils of monumental proportions. These twenty-five coils have been divided in three main groups corresponding to the three successive areas in the church. Each area can be seen as a sound field build up with overlapping sounds coming from different directions around you.

Coils - bergkerk - is presenting new and transforming acoustic spaces parallel to the 'real' acoustic space. By means of custom developed algorithms the coils not only emit the generated sounds but also collectively simulate acoustic reflections of these sounds. This way the coils not only work as sound emitters but also as sound reflectors. Since magnetic fields travel with the speed of light (and not the speed of sound) it's possible to not only simulate spaces bigger then the setup but also spaces smaller then the setup. The dimensions and properties of the simulated space are transforming while listening and form part of the composition. Unlike real walls the visitors can move through the coils and move from one space to another.

Coils - bergkerk - premiered as part of the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award exhibition.

Coils - bergkerk - in the Bergkerk, Deventer, The Netherlands
concept and composition: Edwin van der Heide
realization: Edwin van der Heide with Robin Piets and Bart Koppe