Studio Edwin van der Heide
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The work - / | creates a 3 dimensional interplay of light and sound on the square of the cathedral. By using a thin layer of smoke the light of multiple lasers becomes visible and tangible. The light plays with the existing architecture of the square while creating and proposing new structures and experiences. The trees on the square will play an important double role in the work because, while the light is caught by them, it will stop the visual shape from continuing in space. The work takes place on the square itself while also projecting on the facades of the cathedral and the other buildings surrounding the square. The audience is invited to explore the square and engage themselves with the different perspectives.

The installation is a part of Festival de Luz y Vanguardias

location: la Catedral Nueva (Plaza de Anaya), Calle Cardenal Pla y Deniel, 37008 Salamanca
exhibition period: June 16th 2016 till June 19th 2016

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concept and realization: Edwin van der Heide
keywords: sound art, light art, new media art, visual music, audiovisual, sons et lumières, music, sonic architecture, composition, fine art, visual art, installation, performance, immersive environment, exhibition, festival of light, public space, composer, artist, laser, projection, salamanca