Studio Edwin van der Heide
Schwingungen - Schwebungen

This year, the Beethovenstiftung’s city sound art project bonn hoeren, which has been active since 2010, is taking place in co-operation with the University of Bonn. The work of Edwin van der Heide – appointed by the Beethovenstiftung Bonn to be 2015’s city sound artist – is centered on linking the university as a cultural space to the city of Bonn.

Schwingungen - Schwebungen is a work especially conceived for the University Library in Bonn. The library building, designed by Fritz Bornemann, has a very structured and minimal design with a clearly defined field in front of it. Situated in the middle of this field is the sculpture Die Wolkenschale by Hans Arp. The marble sculpture creates a contrast between the rational architecture and the floating and ephemeral qualities represented by the cloud. Schwingungen - Schwebungen brings a time-based, spatial and possibly more ephemeral component into the play between the building and the sculpture. Schwingungen - Schwebungen uses compressed air in combination with pneumatic valves to produce sound waves (Schwingungen). Acoustic horns are used to couple and direct the pneumatic energy to the acoustic environment. Large monumental wooden horns are placed on the sides of the field and smaller circular metal horns are distributed throughout the field. The horns produce round sounding tones in the middle and low frequency registers of our auditory range. Schwingungen - Schwebungen is a permanent but slow changing composition resulting in spatial interferences (Schwebungen) between the sounds from the individual horns. Since these interferences don’t originate from the individual sources they are perceived as if they are spatially floating in and traveling through the field. Where we normally associate a sound with its sound source Schwingungen - Schwebungen brings in a 'sourceless' but almost tangible spatial perception of sound into play.

The installation is a part of the bonn hoeren project of the Beethovenstiftung für Kunst und Kultur der Bundesstadt Bonn (Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the Federal State of Bonn). In co-operation with the University and State Library of Bonn and the Cultural Forum of the University of Bonn. With the kind support of the NRW Building and Real Estate Department and the City of Bonn.

location: in front of the University and State Library, Adenauerallee 39-41, 53113 Bonn
exhibition period: December 12th 2015 till October 30th 2016
daily opening hours: 12:00 to 20:00

Schwingung - Schwebungen
photo Meike Boeschemeyer
photo Simon Vogel
photo Meike Boeschemeyer
photo Meike Boeschemeyer
photo Meike Boeschemeyer
photo Meike Boeschemeyer
photo Meike Boeschemeyer
composition and concept: Edwin van der Heide
realization: Edwin van der Heide with Markus Oppenländer, Richard Heßler, Olaf Wisselink and Thijs Muijs
curator and project director bonn hoeren: Carsten Seiffarth
technical director: Markus Oppenländer
consultancy: Architekturbüro Bernd Troske
keywords: pneumatic sound, sound art, new media art, generative art, music, composition, sonic architecture, public space, spatial sound, installation, immersive environment, electronic, computer music, technology, composer, artist, exhibition, Fritz Bornemann