Technical rider
- medium venue -


The Sensorband wants to perform in such a way that the sound in the hall is reproduced on a quadro P.A. speaker system. For monitoring each of the three musicians has his own stereo monitorsystem (preferably both the 4 stacks and the 6 monitors should be controlled from one mixingdesk).


- at least 16 channels with 4 band parametric E.Q.
- 6 pre-fader aux-sends (to be used as monitor sends) and 2 or more post-fader aux-sends (to be used as effect-sends)
- 4 individual main outputs (to be used as outputs for the stacks)
- possibility on the channel to route independently to one or more of the individual outputs
- insert possibility on all channels, main-outputs and aux-sends


- 4 times stereo compressor, prefarably Behringer or DBX
- 1 Lexicon PCM-70 or PCM-80
- 1 Yamaha SPX-900
- 10 times 31-band graphic E.Q. preferably Apex or Klark Teknik (one for each stack and one for each monitor)


- Quadro PA. system
- 4 way active
- preferably EAW, Martin Audio F-2 or Meyer Sound
- preferably Crest Audio, Amcron or Carver amplifiers
- 3 kW each stack thus 4 times 3 = 12 kW total


- 6 wedges with 15" woofer and 1 1/2" horn for example Martin Audio LE-400
- each with separate 500-700 watt amplifier (each wedge is a separate group)


- 8 times active DI
- 2 times Shure SM-58
- signal, speaker and power cabling with ground-leakage switches
- separate power for sound & light


6 times 6 bar with 6 500w 110/220v PAR-64 narrow
3 times 6 bar with 6 500w 110/200v PAR-64 medium
2 times Strobe
Lee (and Rosco) Filters

floor-stands, stands, mounting material.

18 or 24 channel Dimmer System with a capacity for each channel of 2000 Watt

1 suitable 18 or 24 channel programmable light desk.

There should be enough power available that all the Lights can be turned on 100% at the same time. (27 kW = 3 x 41 A)


- Size of the stage:

width: 7 meters, depth: 4 meters, heigth: approx. 1 meter

- Note: Stage has to be very stable because of criticaly adjusted sensors

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stage layout for Musique Action '99