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Edwin van der Heide is a composer, performer and instrument builder based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He creates spatial control instruments that extend technology developed at STEIM in Amsterdam, and develops custom musical DSP performance software. He has worked with Dick Raaijmakers, Horst Rickels, and Hollandia in music theatre and dance performances. He realized a permanent sound-installation in collaboration with Victor Wentink at the Delta Works in Holland.

Atau Tanaka is a Japanese-American composer and performer currently based in Tokyo. He has lived in San Francisco where he began working with the BioMuse, a neural musical instrument controller. He lived in Paris to work at IRCAM. His performances use corporeal gesture to articulate music and sound synthesis and real time image transformation. He as published interactive media works, created installations, and has performed in Europe, North America, and Japan. He has been sponsored by Apple Computer France as Artistic Ambassador for new technology.

Zbigniew Karkowski is a Polish-Swedish composer/musician presently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. He has worked professionaly in the areas of written contemporary music, industrial music, pop music and experimental performance for the last 11 years. His work has been performed throughout Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan. He is active in the underground noise scene in Japan.