Studio Edwin van der Heide
Fog Sound Environment - DordtYart

Fog Sound Environment is a site specific installation developed for the foreland of DordtYart (art exhibition/initiative in a former shipyard) nearby the junction of the three rivers that traverse Dordrecht. In this experiential artwork real fog is being created by pushing water under very high pressure through hundreds of nozzles. The fog system consists of independent sections that surround the foreland. The timing and distribution of the fog is part of a composition system that incorporates the on-site wind direction in real-time. The fog is dispersed across the, by high trees and water enclosed, grassy terrain . The behavior of the fog is under direct influence of the local weather; sun, rain and wind all have their influence on the behavior of the fog and experience of the work.

A soundscape of electronically generated spatial interferences surrounds the audience while it integrates with, and builds upon, the existing sound environment of the surrounding trees and boats. The fog and the sound both merge with the environment and create an altogether new experience.

concept: Edwin van der Heide
realization: Edwin van der Heide with Adriaan de Man, Erfan Abdi and Jens de Groot
keywords: fog art, audiovisual, new media art, sound art, installation, immersive environment, space, landscape, exhibition, gallery, museum, composition, spatial sound, artist, fine art, visual art